Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Work the Biceps

This is what I got... doing this: Over the weekend Jason and I dug 50' of trenches (that averaged 12" deep). It was a lot of work.

After the digging was finished, we needed to put down the drainage pipe and cover it with rocks and put the dirt back on top.

We had to dig up all my pretty grass that I've been working so hard at keeping green and getting rid of the weeds. 

The final outcome was pretty good. This picture makes the backyard look much better than what it actually is.

We also put in a 4'x8' flower bed. We already have veggies in it (thanks to my boss). 

The house is coming along and I'm getting buff (and tan) just by working on it). 

I guess my ripped class (that I'm totally addicted to) also helps with my muscles. That class works every part of my body. You name the muscle, and the class works it. 

Besides your average workout, what else do you do to stay in shape (hiking, mall walking, cartwheels)?


  1. That's awesome!! I enjoy hiking when the weather is nice but my latest addiction is yoga!!

  2. Looking good in the yard! That is a LOT of work!