Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Smelly

This is always the look I have on my face after an awesome spin class.

I may not be smiling during the class and I may have some words that are said under my breathe, but this is generally how I look afterwards.

How I smell, now that's a different story. I am usually covered in salt (dried sweat) and my hair is so nasty, it's embarrassing. I think spin class brings out the smelliest part of me. 

It's not the running in 90 degree, direct sun weather, for 4 miles, or sprinting around and lifting weighs in a small ripped class, or even walking up 3 miles of stairs (without a fan on me). It's the spin class. It always brings out the smelliest part of me. 

What brings out the smelliest part of you?


  1. Girl you look amazing after spin!!
    I swear I'd pay to look like you after a spin class.
    I loooooooove spin. Well when I'm done....I love it.

  2. I'm definitely my smelliest after a good cross training workout assigned by my trainer. And I LOVE it. Of course, I love that post-workout shower, too!