Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rainbow Bright got Murdered in My Kitchen

This weekend was another extremely busy weekend. I am super tired and sore (that's why the late post). Why am I sore, you may ask?? Jason and I dug 50' of trenches in our backyard to lay some drainage. very hard on the arms. I definitely didn't go to ripped class last night. I had my own ripped in my backyard. 

I had a little get together this weekend and it just happened to be Cinco de Mayo (didn't plan it that way). So, I made it a theme. One of the things I made, I was really excited about. I made Pinata Cookies. They were really good, and took a lot of time, but they turned out really cute. 

I used a standard sugar cookie recipe, and divided it into 4 balls (less than what was recommended). Then, divided each ball into 2 and started layering a tupperware container (lined with a plastic baggie), making 2 layers of red, blue green and yellow (alternating). I froze it over night (actually over night and 8 more hours after I got off of work). I am so glad I did. It was so soft and difficult to slice into rectangles (very soft, even after freezing). 

I put each rectangle of a lined cookie sheet (my rectangles grew a lot in the oven and blended in to one another). I only had a circle cookie cutter (that would fit in this) and started cutting them out. The tutorial recommended working with the dough right away. I found it easier if I let the cookies cool for about 1-2 minutes, because they were extremely soft and it made it easier. 

I then took a melon baller and hollowed out the center of 1/3 of the cookies (for the center part of the cookie). There was a lot of cookie that wasn't used (you can't cut the shape before you bake because of how soft it is), so was have "rainbow bright's guts" in a container in our pantry.

I also found it a lot easier to wait until the cookies were mostly cooled before I started assembling them. 

I attached the bottom piece with the center piece and added chocolate sprinkles (I forgot the mini m&m's). 

I added more "glue" (aka powdered sugar and water) to the top piece and attached and pressed a little (not too hard or you'll break it). 

Of course, a "chef" always testes his or her work. I also found that if you only eat the sugar cookie part, by itself, it tastes like Trix cereal

If you shake the cookies next to your ear, you can hear a little surprise in each one. All this work, and it only make a handful of cookies. Not really worth it, but it was fun. 

I think, next time, I will make a double batch of sugar cookies, so I can use a better shape and make it look a little more pinata like. Maybe, even a quadruple batch, so I can make more than 5 cookies. 

Tonight, I'm going to go for a little run (I'm still pretty sore from this weekend) and will enjoy my spin class on Wednesday night. I can't wait! It's suppose to be in the 90's today. I haven't really run in the heat. How do you deal with it? Do you go inside for the tm? After work is my only time to head out for my runs, so I have to do something. I really love running outside, but it's going to be super hot. 

I just realized that I forgot to put a sweat towel in my car. Man, my seat are going to be nasty this summer if I keep forgetting. 

Should I run inside or outside (i always bring water either way)? How do you handle running in the heat?


  1. those are crazy cookies! I usually stick to shorter distances in the heat, other wise I stick to the treadmill in my cool basement : )

  2. Adorable cookies...Well run outside if you have water, sunscreen and maybe even a hat...or you could wait til the sun goes down a little and run then...personally I hate the treadmill and only use it if I absolutely have to (like pouring rain). Blessings!

  3. So glad to finally see the pictures of those cookies!! I'll be sure to start with a double batch!

    As far as heat, it's taken me time to get used to it. You're good with the water I'm sure. When it gets hotter, I start making more loops than out & backs.