Thursday, May 31, 2012

Too Fast for the Treadmill

The other night, I started watching the movie Prefontaine.  He was such an inspiring man. He got me inspired to work on my speed. I haven't been doing any speed work. I know you need speed work in order to get faster. That just makes sense. But, since I haven't been training for anything, I haven't had that on my mind. Since watching the movie, I've had the urge to do so. 

I got on my handy dandy treadmill at the gym (old photo), I was running sprints at 9.5 (not that fast, but super speedy for me) and I had planned to run at least 4 miles, hopefully 6. At about mile 3.25, the tm stops working and starts making this really loud squealing noise. I broke the tm. The digital part went crazy and showed a bunch of 8's. I guess I was too fast for it!

After breaking the machine, I worked my legs and arms with some weights for about 1/2 hour, before my 60 minute spin class. 

When I got home, I told Jason what happened and he asked me to show him how I was running. So, he had me do some sprints in the backyard. It was a little difficult, because we still have some rocks back there, but no major damage was done. 

I can't wait to work on more speed out in the "real world" tomorrow!!

 Please tell me I'm not the only one that has done this. Have you ever broken an exercise machine before? Was it yours? What happened?

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