Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Full!!

Another weekend with high expectations. I always plan way too much to do on my days off. It's either hanging out with friends, a family commitment, some sort of baking/cooking something I've never done before (aka: something that takes a long time), work around the house or all of the above. This weekend was no different from any other weekend.

My weekend started bright and early Saturday morning. I got up early to meet up with a friend for a run. I put in some good, hard miles Saturday. It felt great! The company was pretty good too! It made the miles fly by. Before I knew, we were back to the car. 

Off to run some errands (not literally). Once all the busy work was done (the run wasn't busy work, it was fun work), it was time to get down to business. I had some things on my list to bake! First on the list was homemade mint ice cream. To answer your question, no, I don't have an ice cream maker. I made it by hand and it was easiest thing to do!

The funny thing is that until I met Jason, I didn't know that mint ice cream wasn't suppose to be green. I always thought the white stuff was nasty and the green stuff tasted so much better! 

After mixing everything together, I popped it into a freezer safe container and had to wait...

While waiting, I got ready for mom's day. I prepped my strawberries. I hulled them out and filled them with fresh whipped cream. I was so happy that everything worked! They tasted great, too!

Later on that night, after waiting way too many hours, the ice cream was ready. Jason knew what I was making. But, he said that if I didn't tell him, he would have thought I bought it. We thing it actually tastes a little more creamy than store bought (in a good way). 

After my mom left, I had to fill the rest of my day with something just as good. This time, I made root beer float pops. 

Jason recently bought me some popsicle molds. I love them!! They are adorable.

I found that I shouldn't fill them to the top (for this recipe) because they expand and make a mess in your freezer. I think next I make these, I will leave out the cherry. It didn't really do anything for us. 

Well, after eating all this food, I really need to work out. I can't wait hit up the means streets and put my soles to the pavement. 

What's your favorite cool treat for those really hot days? Any good (no churn) recipes?


  1. The ice cream looks amazing. How do you make it??

    1. It was fresh whipped cream, condensened milk, mint extract and chocolate chips. The recipe is linked in the post :)

  2. I'll make frozen lemonade. I grab lemons from the tree and make a batch of lemonade. Freeze it in the ice cubes tray then blend it up once its hard. If I want it now I just make a lemonade slushie, and use the lemonade and some ice.