Monday, December 13, 2010

How Far Did I Run?

I ran on the treadmill for the first time in about 3 weeks. How far did my knee allow me to run run??? 1.16 miles!! Hey, at least I can still walk. I stopped when I started feeling a little pain. This time, it was my right knee (not my left or my foot). Everything else is held nicely. I can't wait until this heals.

I hope this Christmas goes better than Christmas 2007. That x-mas (if you look closely), you can see that I can a huge bandage on my left hand. I ended up burning my self pretty badly and two days prior, my dog got attacked. It was a horrible x-mas that will never be forgotten. I know this will be a much better x-mas...I can just feel it!

What are your worst holiday memories??


  1. Your Christmas better be better than 2007...that is AWFUL!! Yay for over a mile!! Any improvement is awesome and good for you to stop when it started getting painful. My worst holiday memory was getting in a big stupid fight with my sister 5 years ago...ha now we laugh about it though!

  2. That is a massive bandaid! Must have been a brutal burn. Stay away from anything HOT this season, just to be safe. :)

  3. sheesh. hand, dog, tornado in the living room... that was a rough one. guess hubs should do all the cooking, just in case :)