Thursday, June 5, 2014

Disco Donut 5K & a Winner

Don't those words put together sound like the perfect 5k? Music along the course, a donut hole eating station at mile 2 and an all around great time!! Sounds like the perfect 5k fun run to me! I can't wait to party along with my friends and have a great time! They "put the flavor in fitness". They have runs all over the place. You're bound to find one near you.

Join me to day and like them on facebook and sign up for the race. Sounds like a groovy time!

This week, one of my many, many workouts was: warm up: 5 minute jump rope. For each, last one minute: plank, wall sits and then see how many you can do of each: squats and burpees. Here are my results: (squats) 33, 36 and 39. (burpees) 13, 14, and 17. Not too shabby, getting better as the workout went on. Hopefully it gets better each time I try this. Tomorrow I have a timed 2 mile run on the schedule. Let's see how I do. 

Hello from my little family

Time for the winner. It may be no surprise, but Seth is the winner. Please email me at runnersfuel(at)hotmail(dot)com. I'll email you the code. 

Doesn't the Disco Donut 5k sound great?
Have you ever done a run that involved food?
How's your training going?

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