Wednesday, June 11, 2014

For the Love of the Burpee

The heat is really getting to me. I've become a weak person. So, Lars and I have
 been relaxing in the house under his favorite ceiling fan. I love it when he's my little cuddle bum!

This week, I had a little company during my workout. It's a baby squirrel. It was so hot, it was lounging around on our oak tree. So cute!

I'm still working out outside (and drinking gallons and gallons of water doing so). I've moved my workouts to the shade (and not the sun anymore). The Spartan Race emailed me my daily workout: 50 jumping jacks, 30 burpees, 5 minute rope jump and 30 box jumps. (I'm having some sensitive breastfeeding soreness, so it's difficult to jump a lot.) So, this made a lot of my workout take a lot longer (and less intense than it should have been). I'm fine with that, because I got my workout in. Better than not doing it at all. 

I did some good use out of the rock wall that built we last year. I don't have anything to use for the box jumps. So, I used this. 

It worked! Yes, I do most of my workouts in flip flops. I figure that if I can these workouts in flip flops, running shoes will be no problem :) Any more intense workouts, my running shoes make it on to my feet.

Box jumps are no joke! I've never done anything like that. It's tough! My flip flops only feel off once. I need to practice this! I hope there isn't any box jumps on the Spartan course! One thing that I think I have a handle on is the love for the burpee. I love them! Can't get enough of them. You may call me insane for this, but it will seriously help me during the Spartan Race in October. I have no upper body strength, so this will help get it moving along.

On Saturday, Lars and I went to an outdoor little kid concert. He really loves music, so this was perfect for him! He made a little friend sitting next to us. Too cute!

Where do you work out (indoors, outdoors, the gym, etc)?
Do you share my love for the burpee?
How do you feel about the box jump?
Are you competing in the Spartan Race

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  1. I admit to a love hate with burpees but I make sure to do them at least once a week. I admit to not having done box jumps in years. Great job getting yours done and in flip flops too :)