Thursday, June 19, 2014

I have a Confession...

I can't do a pull-up. Not for the life of me. I can not lift my body weight up a bar and back down. This is very sad, especially since I only have 128 days left until the Spartan race. From what I've seen, upper body strength is a must! I have none! Some major training is in progress now. 

Since I've had Lars, my arms have felt weak. Since he's been putting on weight, they're feeling stronger. But, I'll need to be able to lift more than a 16 pound baby up during the race. When I started working out again, a few months ago, I was only lifting 5 pound weights. That was difficult for me. I have upgraded to 10 pound weights now. I needed this step!


I followed this workout (yes, in flip flops and after a 2 mile run in running shoes) that I found online (I'm horrible at remembering where I find things). It was a killer! I did this workout on Tuesday, and my arms are just started to feel some what normal. I guess that means it's an arm day!


After I finally took a real shower (which doesn't usually happen until after Lars goes to bed for the night), we headed to our local library for balloon animals. The way they described it online, I thought we watched someone make balloon animals (which he loves to do). Nope, this was a class on how to make them. Oh well. We stayed and watched all the big kids make balloon animals. Lars loved it! He kicked his legs and blew bubbles the entire time.


It was worth it! I'm still glad we went!

How do you warm up before a workout?
Do you take a real shower after a sweaty workout before leaving the house?
Do you like balloon animals?

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