Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Best Spartan WOD

Before I get start with the sweaty details, I thought I'd show you a picture from our family photo shoot a couple weeks ago. Of course, as usual, Lars froze when the camera came out. This is the best smile he gave the entire time. Can you tell he's sucking on his first tooth?!

A few weeks ago, TMI inc., mailed me some awesome workout gear to try out! They sent me some great medicine balls (2 weights),

A Disc 'o' Sit cushion (I use as a stability workout with weights). I know I can get a great workout in with these. I really work up a sweat with the medicine balls!

And even something for Lars. This is called Rody horse. It's meant for kids over 3, but he loves bouncing on it so much! This was mid happy squeal. All of these items are made in Italy and are latex free. 

Another workout that I do is running. I love running and have run a few half marathons, a lot of 5k's and some 10k's. I think half marathons are my favorite distance. It gives you time to get your head in the game, before the race is over. I'm not training for any half marathons (for the moment), but I (of course) still run. This is my view while running (and people that I see's view). Lars loves going on his morning run.

We are getting some trees delivered today (5 in total). We're trying to help our grass stay green (which it dies every year about this time) and cool off our house. A great spartan workout is digging 5 18"deep (by 4'wide) holes in our front and back yards. It's taking a crazy amount of time to do this. The ground is so hard, even after soaking it over night. The backyard hole finally got finished yesterday.

I can't wait to plant them this weekend! I'll post after pictures. Al this digging is really giving me stronger arms (and shoulders) and a great thigh workout. Using the maddox and then shoveling while Lars sleeps. I think I'd call that the perfect Spartan race

What is your perfect training? Do you like running? What's your training of choice?

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