Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Killer Butt, Wild Things & Father's Day

On Friday, I followed a killer butt workout that I found somewhere online (I can't remember where). I warmed up with a 2 mile run; followed up with 150 squats, 90 walking lunges, 60 jump squats, 90 side lunges and 150 bridges. My butt was sore for a couple of days. I was hot and worn out. This workout definitely required my running shoes. In case you were wondering, I ran with Lars (before his nap) and after he went to sleep (about an hour later), I headed out doors for the rest of my workout. I can't wait to do this workout again!

This weekend was another great weekend! Jason, myself and Lars went to a local library to see "Wild Things". It's an educational show where kids get to see wild animals (that have been injured and unable to be returned to the wild for some reason) and learn about them. 

First, we met a smelly little one:

Then, we met a cuddly little one:

Lars started getting cranky (I had to mess up his naps in order to make it to the show), so we left early. Last time, he got to pet a snake. He loved it and started drooling all over it (something he does when he's extremely happy). 

As you may know, Sunday was Father's Day, and we celebrated as much as we could with a 5 1/5 month old. In the morning, I made Jason french toast and all 3 of us ate at the table. We had some play time, then Lars was off to bed. Once he was snoozing, Jason wanted to play a game. Since Lars is a bit too young to play, I took his spot. We played while we ate egg salad sandwiches. It was a fun time!

After lots of squeals, giggles and kicking (Lars' happy signs), he was off to bed for another nap. Once he got up, we had a little BBQ outside. It was perfect weather and since Lars loves being outside, it was great! Can you tell that Lars loves his sippy cup?!?

I made (Jason BBQed) these amazing salsa ranch burgers. Since I didn't fully plan ahead, I forgot hamburger buns, so I used Nature's Own bread. It tastes pretty good! Plus, there isn't any trans fats, low in fat and doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup. Yay!

The burgers were pretty good too! I loved the mixture of salsa and ranch (instead of ketchup or mustard). 

In other news Lars is getting a tooth popping through. It should happen any day now, and he's been acting like it. I feel so bad for him! Poor little guy. Any advice?

Have any good booty/upper leg workouts?
What did you do anything for Father's Day?
What's your favorite type of burger?
What's your favorite carb?

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