Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Staying Hydrated & Getting Cool

Well, it's that time of year...It gets really hot (as normal) and everyone talks about it. Here I am talking about it, too. It is that hot:

Ok, well, maybe not really. It was 104 yesterday and something like 108 the day before. Lars and I have been staying inside the house icing after a hard workout (better safe than sorry) and drinking lots of water. Both Lars & myself love drinking water. He's really getting the hang of drinking out of his new sippy cup. I'm glad.

I knew it was time to buy him one because he was always grabbing for my water bottle. He needed one of his own!

Since we don't have a pool, we cooled off in the backyard the old school way: Sprinkler time! This was Lars' first time in the sprinklers. He seemed to enjoy the cool water sprinkling down on his head as we jumped over the sprinkler. He was kicking his legs a lot (that's what he does when he gets happy).

With the hot weather, I bought another watermelon. It's such a great snack! I don't feel back eating it and it cools me off after a really hot workout. 

What activities are your hot summer days filed with?
What's your go to summer snack?

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