Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today, I ran 4 miles on the tm (gotta keep my pace) and then did leg weights. I have absolutely no knee pain (or any others). I'm so happy with how I feel. I am such an impatient person though, I wish the race was tomorrow. I HATE WAITING for something so exciting!

Thank you guys for your advice on "tapering" for my race. I'm thinking that I will take wed, thur and fri off (next week) and run and do weights. This way, I will have, fresh and happy legs and will be able to do great.

We are having spaghetti for dinner tonight, as well as last night. Yummy! Hubs loves it when I make this, it's his favorite. I think he could eat all day every day. I made the spaghetti with ground turkey sausage. I guess I'm so lazy, that I don't even want to season my meat. It was so good with this and made it faster (I know, it only takes seconds to do the seasoning part, but what can I say). I'm eating this with one of my favorite drinks, V8 Splash. So good! You should try it if you haven't.

Just an update: My blisters are 100% healed and feeling great! As I sit here writing this post, and I don't have any knee pain. My body is feeling great (no other pains anywhere) and I am ready for this race. Only 10 days!!!!

Do you have any pre-race traditions? I have to wear a certain old race shirt to bed the night before.


  1. happy you're all healed up! I eat the same thing the night before every race, penne a la vodka : )

  2. So glad for no pain--that's awesome!
    Spaghetti looks GOOD!

  3. try the spicy turkey sausage cooked up with onions and bell peppers. Good with spaghetti or rigatoni al dente

  4. Good luck for your race!! You will do awesome!

  5. hooray for no knee/any other pain!

    one week -- you can make it