Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Day: Outfit & Goals

There is a lot to do today. After I get done with this post, I have to go down town and pick up my packet and then Jason is taking me out to a filling dinner, then a shower and off to bed to read until I fall asleep (hopefully early).

Here is my race day outfit. It's nothing special. I've worn these clothes a million times and they're super comfy (the best way to go). I'm still debating if I'll need to wear my sleeves the during the race or just before. I'll find out in the morning.

I'm doing my final icing while I watch some Judge Judy, before we head out.

The kitties are watching all the leaves fall outside. They love it when the windows are open.

My goals for tomorrow are pretty simple. No matter what happens, I will be proud of myself and that's all that matters.

~Finish under 2:30 hours

~Finish under 2 hours

~Finish un-injured

~Just finish while having a good time

I'm getting all the final emails from the race director, and the day sounds like so much fun. I can't wait. I woke up this morning to butterflies in my tummy. I always get those before a major race. I hope I can fall asleep tonight at a decent time. I don't want to be too tired tomorrow (which I know I will). I have an early wake up call of 4:30 am. I'm a morning person, but not that early. I have some Gilmore Girls to watch to try to calm my nerves in the am, so hopefully I'll be able to eat something and drink my coffee.

Wish me luck!