Monday, April 4, 2011

Fruit Salad and a Booty Kicking Workout

In today's fruit salad, I had red grapes, banana, strawberries and honeydew. I love this combination. It includes all my favorite fruit (besides watermelon). What's in your ideal fruit salad? I had a fast 5k and a 60 minute spin class on the schedule today.I ran my 5k in 29:26. My (unofficial) PR is 29:23. I know I can run faster than 29 minutes. That's my next goal. In my 60 minute spin class, my booty was complaining (not gas) because I am still sore from Saturdays uber workout. I worked through the pain. My saying is "pain is worth it!". It really helps when I say this over and over. It gets my through the difficult times. I'm so glad that I'm back in the spin class. I took last week off because, on Monday, I felt like running my long run and the rest of the week, my big toe was healing. The toe is feeling so much better. I feel like I can run my 12 miles tomorrow. Now, I am not smelly or salty (thank you to my shower), and am just trying to prep myself for my 12 miler tomorrow. I'm pretty nervous. I think it's just because everything is getting so close. On the 16th, I have planned to go run 13 miles on the bike trail. That's only 2 weeks away. Once that is completed, I only have 2 wees until the race. Pretty nerve racking to me.
Every minute of every day, I have this race on my mind. I hope I can make it through 20 more days of work without getting fired, for being too distracted. Is this normal, or am I crazy?


  1. That fruit salad looks sooo tasty!

    And YES, I definitely get the same way with a goal race coming up!

  2. I adore fruit salad!! I like grapes, watermelon, blueberries and cantaloupe. Yum!!!

  3. My favorite fruit salad would have strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and apples. Yum.
    You can so break that 29 minutes. Definitely!

  4. That's interesting you regularly use mantras (i.e. "pain is good"). I've always been fascinated by them but never remember to use any (oops).

    A few bananas need to be in my fruit salad - they absorb flavors so well. Maybe some good navel oranges (if its a winter salad). Can't beat good summer melons in this hemisphere.

  5. totally normal. :)

    i never make a fruit salad... but i'd eat just about any combination!