Saturday, April 9, 2011

Uber Workout

Last night's dinner was pretty good. It was a stew from Giada's cookbook. Here's the recipe (part 1). Part 2
The final product. Super yummy. I can't wait to eat it tonight.

This morning, I did something I've never done. I ran to the gym, did 65 minutes of weights (for my arms, abs and legs), then ran home. It was a total of about 5 1/4 miles round trip run. Here's a before the run picture (don't worry, I didn't run in my socks, I put on shoes).

Here's an after photo. I ran with my backpack (I bought for light hiking days). I needed to bring my towel, keys, phone and some other things to the gym. It wasn't so bad running with it (which I've done before). I survived the busy streets with no sidewalks. It was a great workout! Not many people run to my gym, so I got some strange looks when I came in the door. I think my face matches my sleeves.

Here's my set up when I got home. I took everything off right away and went straight for the cold Gatorade. It was so cold this morning, that my fingers went numb (I knew I should have brought my gloves). Oh well, eventually, I got warm (a few hours later and after a 30 minute hot shower).

Once I was ready to relax, I grabbed my ice pack and settle on the couch with Scoutie Poo.

20 minutes later, I was drinking hot coffee, trying to get warm. I always watch Parenthood while I drink my Saturday morning coffee and eat my whole grain Cheerios. It's a great start to my morning, after my workout.

Hubs isn't feeling so hot today, so we didn't go hiking. It's some sort of stomach bug, or something. He's slowly feeling better as the day goes by. If he's feeling better tomorrow, we're going to go then.

It was so great to see how you guys are working out this weekend and your plans. I'm such a noisy person, I like to find out as much about my readers as possible. Anything else you want to tell me?


  1. I bet you could get Christopher McDougall to write a book about minimalist running in socks, or not.

  2. Awesome workout! I have always wanted to run to the gym, but I am too nervous about the busy streets! Have a great Saturday night!

  3. I was fighting a cold this weekend so kept it on the easy side. Running actually made me feel better, though! We also visited my father in law and went to see our friends and their little one for brunch today. GOOD FOOD. :)

    Awesome job on the big workout!

  4. awesome you ran there! i feel guilty driving to the gym ( a whole mile!) in the summer. but i don't want to have to carry my stuff... water bottle, weight lifting gloves, other random things i probably don't need... haha.

  5. Nice way to save gas!! So economical.

    Hope hubs is feeling better (I'm sure he is by NOW!)