Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heavy Legs

I accomplished another 6 mile run this evening. I did not want to go. I wanted to go home and just relax and eat as much as I could. I forced myself to go and I'm glad. The run was just ok, and my legs were really heavy, but it felt good at the end. I have one more 6 miler (tomorrow), then a day off and then my race day rehearsal (which I'm so nervous about) on Saturday. Last night, I made a BBQ chicken quesadilla. It was pretty good. I based my recipe off of a Curtis Stone recipe. How I made mine was any kind of white cheese, as much chicken as you like, a drizzle of bbq sauce (your favorite) and some more cheese. Fold the whole wheat tortilla in half and set on a non-stick frying and cook until cheese is all gooey and melted.
I dipped the yummy finish product in some bbq sauce. It hit the spot! I did munch on some grapes for dessert.

I am trying something new for this race (in 17 days). Since this is my 1st 1/2 marathon, I want to try it. I haven't had any alcohol in about 1 month and since we (I) finished the cookies, I'm not baking any more. I don't buy any sweets, so that means, no sweets or alcohol until after my race. Don't worry, I will walk through my door and start baking (if I have the energy). This is my plan. There's no reason for it, just because.

Do you guys have any plans you restrict yourself from eating/drinking before a big race?


  1. Yummy quesadillas! I actually haven't had any alcohol in about 2 real reason but my running has improved so I think I'll stick with it for a while. I think I actually eat more sweets/baked goods before a race since I use it as an excuse to "carbo-load".

  2. I know the feeling about not wanting to work out today! I'm in a cranky girl mood so I understand wanting to eat everything in sight too! Good for you for resisting the urge and going for that run :) I've got a 7 mile run tomorrow - my first half marathon is Sunday and I can't wait! Which are you running?

  3. I always refrain from alcohol before a big race... I had some wine last weekend that's it for me til May 15th. I also do my best to avoid ALL junk food/sweets. Fuel that body good!