Thursday, April 7, 2011

Food Everywhere

I had a great 6 mile run tonight. It was a little difficult today, though. I really wanted to be home and relaxing and eating dinner. What made it even more difficult was that the Food Network channel was on all the tv's. Yummy food was everywhere. I don't think gyms should have the channel on because it made me extremely hungry. I'm going to shower, ice and compress. This weekend I'm going to run to the gym to do some weights (part of my new routine) and then run home. I'm estimating a total of about 4 1/2 miles round trip. I'll work my arm, legs and abs with the weights. It's just like last weekends uber workout, just with running to the gym. It should be exciting. There aren't many sidewalks on the way there and back. I'm glad I have my reflective gear.
Left overs are for dinner (super yum) and a new recipe tomorrow. I hope everyone is getting their plans together for the weekend (it's suppose to be nice here, come visit when ever you'd like!)!

What are your plans this weekend? I have my workout and we're going for a hike near Mt. Diablo on Saturday. Sunday is our standard relaxing day filled with movies and staying in our pj's until 4pm.


  1. Sounds like a good plan for your weekend! Great job on your 6 miles!

    My weekend plans include couples night tomorrow night at a friend's house, work Saturday morning, babysitting my nephew Saturday night and seeing my best friend on Sunday! It should be a pretty great weekend!

  2. My weekend thus far includes a Saturday morning swim, a saturday afternoon long run, and a Sunday afternoon short recovery run. As you can see, I have my priorities. haha

  3. Great idea to workout at the gym and run home! Have a good weekend.

  4. I have to do a work thing tomorrow. BLEH!!!! But, it is judging a science fair, so hopefully it will be fun.

  5. Adam judging a science fair; that should be a post by itself.

    I give you huge props for running to the gym!