Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sprints and Sprints

I ran my "fast" 5k in 29.41 today. Not too bad with my long run yesterday. My spin class was a killer. The instructor made us do millions and millions of sprints (I hate sprints). But, at the very end, he had us do only a few intervals (I love intervals). After yesterdays long run (12 miles), I feel very confident about the race. I know I can do it and I feel great. This is the first time I've felt this confident. I am super excited, I can't even describe it. Here I am blogging right now. I have 3 of my favorite things: compressions socks, Paradice Ice Pack and my Scoutie Poo. It's a great night. I love nights like this. I just finished 8 hours of work, and tough workout , I've showered and cleaned up and now I'm home relaxing. I'm off to eat dinner that hubs made last night. It was so good. I mostly loved the ground turkey sausage. I love that stuff! Some much seasoning and flavors.
I'm so glad he made dinner last night. I was so tired and mentally worn out from my 12 miler that I was thinking he was saying something and he didn't. Or, we would say or do something, and I wouldn't even notice he did (something obvious, too).

I am officially ready for my race. I know I can do it. I won't get injured and I'll have a blast! Even more, I'll have a blast that night celebrating with my supportive friends!

How do you celebrate a race? We're going to a brewery and getting some food and beers then coming back to our place to finish the celebration!


  1. Sounds like a great way to celebrate the race! Way to go on the speedy 5K & Spin!!

  2. I always feel like celebrating a race with more racing. haha Never works out though.

    It usually ends up more like a meal and extended nap.

  3. Good luck! You will do awesome!

  4. that's exactly how I like to celebrate!! good luck : )

  5. wait, what is the difference between intervals and sprints on a bike? I always thought they were sort of the same thing?