Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fitting Into My Pants

If I don't say so myself, but dinner was pretty darn good last night. I made chicken and cheese tortellini, fresh green beans and home made garlic bread. The bread was so easy to make. It took longer to make the tortellini (boiled in chicken stock) than the bread. Recipe: 2 c Bisquick mix 2/3 c milk 2 t basil flakes 1 egg 1/3 c melted butter 1/2 garlic salt (large granules) Combine everything, except the last 2 ingredients. Pour into buttered 8x8 pan. Bake at 400 for 15 minutes. Combine butter and garlic salt. Pour over mixture (once out of oven). Let sit for 5 minutes.
I had 6 miles on the schedule this morning. I was listening to my foot this morning. The main thing is that it needs to heal so I can run my long run (12 miles) Tuesday. I was able to get out 4 miles before any notice of my toe. It didn't hurt, it just wasn't comfortable.

After my run, I worked on weights on the legs and arms. The worked 1/2 core. I had a total of a 2 hour workout this morning. This will be my new Saturday morning schedule.

This afternoon, I had a birthday lunch date with my mom. Her b-day is on the 5th. Since I work that day, I took her out today. Just me and her, no boys allowed. Getting ready, I saw some capris that I haven't worn since last summer. They fit last year, just a little snug. This year, they fit prefect. I feels so good to see small progress here and there. It shows all my sweat (literally) is paying off.

My mom wanted Mexican food. So, we tried a new place. It was ok. The place is called Cabos. It's about 15 minutes away. I wouldn't say the food was great, but not bad. Just ok.

Does anybody have any b-days this month? My main b-day month is August: mine, brothers, dad's and a few others.


  1. Good for you! You are so inspiring. That is such a great feeling to see hard work pay off. BTW you look adorable :)

  2. Holy cow! What a great accomplishment!! It must feel amazing to put on those pants and see what progress you have made!!

  3. NICE! All of this great food you post on the blog and you look like that / are able to do that?? Nice work!!

  4. Doesn't it feel GREAT to see progress and know that all that hard work is paying off?!