Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a crappy day!

During the week, I do not drink coffee, unless I am in desperate need, or I'm off of work. So, this morning's breakfast consisted of 2 cups of Cheerios Whole Grain cereal with non fat milk. Since, I am not a morning person, without my workout, I try to get up and out ASAP. I love my sleep and it is impossible for me to wake up in enough time to go to the gym and workout (or even my run near the house). I usually get up and out of the house in 20 minutes. Since my husband works nights, it's not bad working out at night. I love coming home all sweaty, taking a shower and getting my comfy PJ's on.

I headed off to work and arrived bright and early. I usually drinks about 10 bottles of water throughout my entire day. To me, water tastes so good and I love that there are no calories. A few weeks ago, I received a jury summons in the mail. I always hate getting those. In Placer County, there is not an option if going would be financial distress on you and your family (which it would have been). So, I had to call in this morning. Of course, I was called in to arrive at 1pm. I knew I wasn't going to have time for my snack at my normal snacking time (noon). So, I decided to cut up my apple early and eat it at 11am. I think a cut up apple tastes so much fresher and tastier than a whole apple being bitten into. I don't know why, call me crazy.

I made my 35 minute drive to Auburn and found the court room I needed to be in. I am usually one of the youngest ones in there, which I was, again. Oh well. Three hours later, the judge called for a break. Since I hadn't had lunch yet (which I normally eat at 3pm), I was starving. I was lucky that I still had my Cliff bar in my purse. That came in handy.

I've never had the Peanut Toffee Buzz flavor before. I didn't take a picture (too hungry to, then I remembered after I ate the entire bar), but it had a nice little drizzle of toffee on the top. The peanuts were nice and tasty. This was the perfect snack to keep me awake during court and tide me over until after the gym. This Cliff bar was very filling.

At the gym, I did 3x of these abs workouts. I don't know the names of them, so I will look them up and write them down next time. I also spent 1/2 hour on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the rowing machine, and the final 15 minutes on another machine that is like the elliptical, just more difficult. I'll take a picture of the machine and post it to see if anyone knows the name of it.

For my dinner, I used up the last bit of the BBQ chicken in the wrap, like I did yesterday. I polished it off with a 1/2 bottle of my orange Gatorade. So yummy! I'm going to have to make this chicken again.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I finished my night with a 1/2 piece of toast with some peanut butter on top. I love this combination. It just tastes better being toasted. Since the peanut butter makes me so thirsty, I had 2 bottles of water with it. I am full for the night!

So, to recap, my day was crappy because I had jury duty (which I was dismissed from several hours later), still some personal crappy stuff going on, and my workout at the gym wasn't that great. I was barely sweaty when I got home. I think my brain was elsewhere.
Tell me how your day was?

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