Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greatest Run Yet!

Same start to my weekday. Nothing special for this portion of the day. I got to work and worked for a few hours before I had my afternoon snack (my chopped apple). I was allowing myself an extra snack today because I was going to put in an extra 1/2 mile on the treadmill and wanted to fuel up correctly. A few hours later, I fueled up with a barely ripe banana (I love them like this, best taste). I devoured that thing in a few seconds. So good!

Same lunch (whole wheat deli chicken sandwich). Since I was adding mileage, I needed more food to fuel myself. I finished my last 1/2 of my Luna bar before I left work to head to the gym.

One last bite...

Once I got to the gym, I wasn't looking forward to running at all. The first mile, I was out of it, I wasn't focused and I wanted to go home and relax. About 1 3/4 into my run, I really got into it. My legs started pounding the treadmill. My legs were feeling great, they wanted to keeping going and going. My knees weren't hurting, which kept me focused and going. I ran a total of 4 miles in 43:28 minutes. This is the furthest I've ever ran (not counting childhood). Everything feels good and I can't wait to do it again next week.
Tomorrow night, some friends and I are having a girls night out at the Folsom Concert in the Park. Since I'm leaving straight from work, I had to make tomorrow nights dinner tonight. We each bring something and we all share. This time, I'm bringing a side dish. I chose to make a pasta salad. It's easy to transport and it's a cool dish. Since it's going to be 105 tomorrow, I think we need something cool to eat.
First, I cooked the small shelled pasta according to the package. I then drained, mixed a tablespoon of olive oil and 4 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese. I cooled the pasta in the fridge.

I chopped a 1/2 of a zucchini, and opened a can of Caribbean styled bean (including the sauce). It has a Caribbean sauce, corn kennel, red beans, garlic and chopped onions. I mixed everything well.

Then, I diced up some fresh rosemary, added and mixed well. I'm keeping it in the fridge until I leave work to go to the concert.

Here's the final product. I tried it, it tastes pretty yummy.

My dessert tonight was my other half of my strawberry Greek yogurt. I'm tough, I still have PB cookies left over (which I may sneak some while we watch Curb Your Enthusiasm). This is a great show, if you haven't seen it yet. It has the creator of Seinfeld. I can't stop laughing while I watch it. I think that will burn my calories that I intake from the cookies.

Do you have a favorite show that you just have to watch? I'm a tv-aholic, so I watch too many shows to count my favorites.


  1. Great T/M run!
    Banana with peanut butter seems to be my running fuel of choice no matter what the distance.

    I don't like TV but when it goes on during a gym workout, I put it on the FoodNetwork.
    Not much else on during those early hours of the morning.

  2. That pasta looks YUMMY! I will have to try it!
    GREAT JOB on the run!:) Keep them miles comin girlie!
    P.S. Curb Your enth. -THE BEST