Monday, July 12, 2010

Monstrous Monday!!

This morning started out like any other morning: 7:30 am alarm and a few snoozes, multi grain cereal, and rushing out the door for work. I wasn't very hungry this morning, for my snack. This is pretty unusual, I'm normally trying to eat my desk, I'm so hungry. I ended up eating my snack around 1pm (normally 12).

I love cut up apples. They always taste so much better when they're chopped. They're even better when someone else chops them for you, I don't know why.

At 3pm (my normal lunch time), I had my whole wheat bread, deli chicken meat, mixed greens and mustard sandwich (only half of the sandwich to save on calories). I knew I was going to need something to tied me over until I was finished with my 3 hour workout today. So, I went searching my a protein bar.

In my desk, I had a Balance Gold bar. It had a chocolate outside and so many good things inside. It only had 180 calories, which I only ate, 1/2 of. Everything was all natural, no artificial flavors or coloring. So much wheat, and sunflower oil. Those were the two major ingredients. I was thinking I wasn't going to like the taste, because of what it looked like inside (green horse poop), but it was fantastic. It was more expensive than the other bars I've tried, but definitely worth it. I will be buying these again!

Every Monday, I always say "I never knew I could workout this hard". It was on of those Mondays. I had sweat pouring out of my body. After the gym, I had salt stuck to my skin, and it hurt to take off. I loved it! It means something is happening and I'm not working this hard for nothing. I love seeing results and having to work for them. I means that I'm real, and I deserve it.
Today (as all Mondays are), I ran a flat 3 1/2 miles on the treadmill, rushed over to my 55 minute spin class. This time, our instructor had a lot of sprints. Sprints are one of my favorite things to do (treadmill, road or bikes). Then, I had to hurry and grab my yoga mat for my 1 hour long yoga class. Yoga is great after pushing your muscles so far, then being able to stretch them out for an entire hour! My body loves my last hour at the gym.
Tonight's dinner was, once again, left overs. I tend to make too much food, and we have left overs forever! The left overs were from Saturday. I had a hot dog in bun with ketchup and mustard, potato salad with a bottle of water. I love summer time food!

Tonight's dessert was one of my carrots. I love how they crunch and they're a little watery and they help cool you down on a nice warm summer night. Yummy!!

What is your favorite summer time dessert??
What is the longest you have spent in the gym in one "sitting"?


  1. Having trouble processing carrots and dessert in the same sentence :)

    My favorite summer time dessert is a big old bowl of Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream. I like it so much that I try not to even buy it and bring is home, as it speaks to me from the freezer and renders me helpless to resist.

  2. I just found your blog and I love it!
    My favorite summer dessert is fruit...any fruit! Dipped in chocolate is even better :)

  3. Hmm, longest in gym? Probably 2 hours? (thats with a little dry sauna time :)

    Desert so far? Current times? Double Rainbow Mango Sorbet or... a Vegan no gluten Brownine from "Fabes" :) nom nom nom!

  4. Peanut butter -chocolate Ice-cream is the best all year long, though if you eat too much, you have to have more gym time.