Sunday, July 18, 2010

Relaxing Days and Great Food

Here I am working in the kitchen this morning. I was up and out of the house about 9am this morning to run some errands (before it got too hot). Today was another non-workout day. This is because I was so wiped out from yesterday's long day. I didn't want to push anything, especially since I have a race next weekend.

For breakfast, my wonderful husband decided to make me some pancakes. But, they weren't any old pancakes, they were blueberry (frozen), and blackberry (freshly picked) pancakes.

We topped them with freshly sliced bananas and maple syrup. They were so good, I went back for seconds. I had them with a cup of coffee. I could eat these everyday. I remember when I was younger and I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound. I really miss those days.

After breakfast, I shredded some of that HUGE zucchini we got yesterday and made fresh zucchini bread. I can post the recipe if you'd like, just leave a comment.

Here it is all ready to go in the oven and bake for about 50 minutes until golden brown. This recipe made 2 loaves.

All ready to be eaten. It came out with a slight crunch to the top, and nice and soft on the inside. The perfect loaves!

For lunch, I made another smoothie. This time, I had some powder to put in the blender. It called for 1 1/2 cups of ice, 1 banana (trying to finish up my bruised bananas), 1/2 cup Greek yogurt (vanilla honey...loved it), the powder, and 1 cup of non fat milk. The powder had a chocolate flavor.

So good! It really helped to cool down on yet another hot summer afternoon. Don't worry, I made one for me and one for my husband.

For dinner, I had an open faced veggie hamburger with some left over pasta salad (from Friday). I think I would like to try the Garden Burger Veggie Burgers some time. I ate one once when I was younger and thought healthy stuff was nasty. I think it's time to try it once again.
Dessert was the other 1/2 of my vanilla honey Greek yogurt. I am so stuffed right now. I really need to relax with a nice cold bottle water and catch up on my DVR. I have to get ready for another long Monday at the gym.
What is your favorite smoothie to make? I prefer my berry smoothie.
How do you top your pancakes? I prefer just a small amount of butter, and maple syrup
What are your Monday workouts like?


  1. I love blueberry pancakes!! I'd also love to see that recipe for the bread also. You inspire me to cook more!

  2. Those p. cakes look so good! What did you use to make that amazingly delish lookin' z. bread!?

  3. The zucchini bread looks great, was looking for a good recipe. I have a pancake recipe posted on my blog as well, if you ever need a quick carb fix with all that running!