Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Abs for the win!

Before I get to my WOD, I just have to say I am so glad I took a couple days off of working out! When I woke up at 6am, I was so refreshed & ready to work out. I craved it and was ready. 

I felt so good to work my abs. I really feel like I'm making some progress & can start seeing my obliques & now have a 2 pack.

When I work my abs, I rarely wear shoes. I don't jump or run around or anything. I usually stick to my mat. 

My afternoon snack! Still loving the greek yogurt, granola and peanut butter mixture. It fuels me for the rest of the day (and allows me to keep up with my 2 wiggle worms).

Do you always wear shoes working out? What's your go to snack?

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