Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What did I do at 6am?

Waking up at 6am has become a routine. Don't get me wrong, I'm tired, but use to it. Today was my leg day. I still can't believe I did 200 squats, 180 walking lunges, 140 sumo squats & SO much more!

It felt good to be drenched with sweat that early in the morning. It's something I've missed since my training days. I use to wake up at 4am, run to the gym, workout for an hour, run home & then workout for 2 hours after a full day at work. I got fit really fast back then!

Look who woke up early this morning & kept me coming while I worked out. Lars loves playing with the watering nozzle. 

I've already drank 5 bottles of water and I've only been awake for 2.5 hours! I guess I'm thirsty. I have to keep myself hydrated for breastfeeding. 

What were you doing at 6am?

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