Monday, November 5, 2012

Training Day One

Saturday morning, I started my new training plan. I got up early (for a Saturday morning), at 6 am to meet my new morning training partner. I met my friend, Jenny at the park that is by my work. 

The run went well. It was so dark, and cold, but it was great! Here are some pictures from the morning run:

I love how all these people were out running, too. I think people are  more friendly in the weee hours of the morning. So many more people said hi.

We run through the park and saw that some kids were playing baseball (youth baseball). I can't believe that people (kids) get up this early to play. Wow!!

Back on the road again:

I love all the fall colors

We ran over a peaceful creek

It was so cold, my nose was red the entire run. I must remember my running beanie and gloves next time!

When I got home, I got my post-running shoes on (warm, fuzzy slippers).

The best post-run breakfast: scrambled eggs (I only eat my eggs scrambled and hard boiled), toast with butter and jam with some coffee.

It was a great 5k (I'm training my friend). Just have to remember to dress warmer than this weekend. I've adjusted my training plan since last time I mentioned it. I will announce it tomorrow. 

How do you eat your eggs? What's a great post-run breakfast for you? How do you dress for those cold runs?

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