Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sausage Phyllo Rolls & Treadmill Runs

Sausage Phyllo Rolls are a great, quick and easy dinner or snack. Jason loves these!

Instead of phyllo dough, I used puff pastry. I made these for dinner yesterday and I loved it! After my ripped class, I just wanted to shower and relax. These are such an easy item to make and while they were baking, I showered.

Ripped class last night was painful. My thighs hurt from the squats, my arms hurts from the weights and push ups and my core hurts from the last minute core work before the class was over. Since I've been upping my weight, it's going to hurt until I get use to them (then, I'll just up them again). I ran another 5k on the tm. I'm finding out that when the tms die (at the gym), they exchange them for new ones (which are the ones I hate). There are only 4 tms that I like at the gym. I hope these 4 last a while.

Do you hate certain type of tms? Do you have a love or hate relationship with the tm?

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