Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Packing Up

By now, we should be in Yosemite hiking around and maybe even building a camp fire to get started with dinner.

Here is some food that we brought with us: banana, oatmeal, canned soup. beer, water, coffee, coffee creamer, veggies, potatoes and soooo much more!

Since we are tent camping, we have to bring some more gear than a normal stay at a hotel. Like, tent, sleeping bags, bowls, propane, picnic stuff (we aren't back packing in), clothes, hiking boots and shoes and way too much to think of.

Do you camp? Do you prefer back packing or driving in and tent camping?


  1. I like backpacking and camping! I guess I like backpacking more though because it is sorta exciting hiking around to find a place to sleep!

  2. How fun to go to Yosemite! Enjoy the camping, hiking, and great views.

  3. Backpacking is the way to go! However, it's much more difficult and I don't know anyone actually willing to do it, so I only ever go driving to a camp site now.

    Once I land an job that can manage to pay all of my bills, I'm going to get a backpacking tent and just start camping on my own though!

  4. I haven't backpacked yet, but I'm pretty confident that I would like it SO much! My hubby used to do it all the time but we haven't gotten the chance to do it together yet.

  5. Yosemite is so beautiful! Camping, backpacking, who cares as long as you're outside, sleeping in a tent! Hope you're having a fantastic time!