Thursday, May 5, 2011


I wanted to run 6 miles today, but the side stitch had another plan. It started about 1/4 mile into my run. I couldn't get rid of it. Nothing was working. I ended up only running 2 1/4 miles. Then, I headed straight for the stair stepper. I climber 1.5 miles and burned 200 calories. I felt pretty dripping sweaty and ready to work the legs with my weights. It was still a pretty good workout.

Leftovers are the best thing. When you don't have time to make something new, just heat (or keep cold) and eat. Lately, I've been getting a little bit more miles in, which means less time at home (can't wait until my new schedule kicks in, I'll have less time at home). So, I had leftovers, once again (last time for this dish).

Also, I enjoyed a couple of lemon bars. I had no idea how much I liked these (especially since I've never had them before making this). I could eat the rest in one sitting (and need to run a million miles to work it off).

During the taper, I gained just a few pounds, and I am back to my "happy weight". My eating habits never changed (hit the weight gain) and since I never changed what I ate (except those few beers over the weekend) and am continuing to run, that's why I lost the weight already.

How do you get rid of a side stitch?


  1. Ugh, I hate side stitches! I usually have to walk and hold my arms over my head while gripping my elbows, like how you stretch your triceps. Usually doing this for a few steps and taking some deep breaths will make it go away. Then I just make an effort to watch my breath as I run until I'm sure it's gone.

  2. Concentrate on your breathing and stop and walk if you need to in order to rid of side stitches.

  3. I used to get stitches every single time I ran. What I read is that you need to switch the foot you exhale on. Try to do that next time you run. Now if I get a stitch I do that and it's gone in about a minute--and I don't have to stop running!!

  4. If you can stop, stretching out that side works really well. If you'd prefer not stopping, Vanessa's idea is great. I get stitches now and again and I've never tried switching the foot I breathe on, but I usually take 5-6 steps with fully flexed abs and then release. After a few times doing that, it's gone. I had that issue at mile 5 in my half too.

    Whatever you do, don't breathe deep; it'll just make it worse.

  5. VERY deep breaths usually help get rid of a side stitch for me.