Monday, July 23, 2012

Rockin' w/ a Visitor & SF

Jason has every other Friday off. This was a Friday he had off. He was messing around in the backyard and he happened to notice this. He didn't move anything or dig this hole. The hole just appeared and these little pebbles were popping and jumping around. After a lot of research, he found that they are little larvae that fall from the oak trees that hang over our yard from the park behind us. It's pretty gross. They're everywhere. If you keep them wet and cool (aka watering the yard), they will live. They die in heat and dryness.

On Saturday morning, I was outside drinking my coffee and noticed a little (not really so little) visitor trying to find a place to crash. It's a raccoon. This was the first and only time we've seen it. 

After we relaxed, we needed to make our way to San Francisco to visit a family member n the hospital.Since we drove the 2.5 hours, we decided to make a day of it. We visited the Pier and watched all the sail boats play on the water near the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the place where people watching is at its finest!

Watched the ferries go to and from Alcatraz.

And took a bunch of self portraits (I won't bother you with them all and only show you one).

More sail boats. It was so windy, it was the perfect day for them. 

On Sunday, we made a day out of playing (aka fixing up) with the house. We're starting to build our rock wall I mentioned last week. All the rocks are behind me and in the very top left corner, there's the start of the wall.

Here's a closer picture. We ran out of cement and are going to buy more next weekend. We weren't sure how far each bag of cement would last us. This is only 1 bag. 

It was a very busy and filling weekend. It was also very long. I don't see any time for me to catch up on sleep this week. I think I can on Saturday, but who knows?

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to SF? What do you like to do there?

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