Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Energy

When I went to Tahoe a couple weeks ago (which we're going back this weekend!), I mentioned that we went on a difficult hike and searched for rocks to build our backyard rock wall. This takes a lot of time and a ton more energy! There were a few things that helped me get through my tough day (also I was really looking forward to my nachos and beer). 

When we found our hiking spot and were searching for a parking spot, I chowed down on some of Kate's Real Food. I've had a few of these bars for a while. They have a lot of calories in them, and I knew we were going to go hiking, so this was the perfect time to eat them. They taste amazing!!!!!!!! I had one and Jason had one and we shared them. I love that Kate uses real ingredients. I've heard of everything in these bars and can pronounce everything. This really is "real food, real energy real good".

After a few hours of hiking around a steep mountain, and hauling (by hand) heavy rocks, I needed a little pick me up. I tried H2O overdrive

There are so many vitamins and minerals in it, it's awesome! The only bad thing is that I could taste them. The after taste was a little too vitaminy. You know, when you take you vitamins for the day and the taste your left with afterwards. That's it. 

It did make my muscles not feel like I had been hauling rocks for 4 hours and hiking up and down a steep mountain for 2 hours. I felt so good the next day, I was able to take all the rocks (with Jason's help) out of our truck and into the backyard (by hand).  

They also have something a little bit more mild and it doesn't come with the vitaminy after taste. It's called H2O Hydrate. It tastes just like juice. Yum!

What gives you your energy?

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