Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Difficult Time Relaxing

Last night, I went to a much needed yoga class. I had the worst time trying to relax. I'm was trying to concentrate on my breathing, but the guy behind me was such a loud breather, it made it very difficult to pay attention to myself. Doesn't everyone know it's all about me? The worst pose for me last night was this:

Mountain pose. I couldn't get comfortable and I just wanted to lay down (shavasana). I've had a difficult couple of weeks and just wanted to relax and concentrate on my breathing and it just didn't work for me last night. I guess everyone has a bad workout. I've usually only had a bad run, but never a bad yoga time. There's a first time for everything. 

Have you ever had a difficult time relaxing during a yoga class before? What's your favorite pose? What's ?your least favorite?

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