Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's holding You in Place?

I've been trying a lot of new gear out lately. A lot of them have been perfect for my use. I need clothes are are tight fitting, but flexible and doesn't ride up while in fast motion. I have found some awesome things!

These leggings are great! They don't ride up and they're super comfy. They keep my legs warm as I run through the wind (not heavy wind, though). Don't worry, I wore shorts over them, so no one sees things they don't need to see. Motion Wear was so nice to send these to me to try out. They mainly focuses on gymnastics and dance wear. But, we have some things in common. Our clothes need to stay out of our way in order for us to do what we love to do. No need getting caught up in baggy clothes. They have some things that work prefect for us runner/yogis/relaxers/casual cyclists.

It takes me a while to review clothing, because I want to give my honest opinion and that means that I have to wear them on more than a few occasions.

My new favorite sports bra! Sorry men, but this ones for the ladies.  Astrosportswear knows how to make them! I've worn this bra on so many runs. I wear it all the time. It doesn't chafe or leave strap marks. It holds everything in it's place while running. The back is super cute, too!

I love the colors! It provides coverage in all the right areas.

Jen is the nicest person! They have great customer service! I will be reviewing some more products. I have to let you know all the cool brands to wear while running!! I love knowing which brands to keep buying and to stock up on. I already have a few in mind.

What holds you in place while running?

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  1. As a man I often wonder about wearing leggings. I'm not the type to worry about what others think while I'm working out or running but even I'll admit I notice it when men wear them. What do you think?

  2. I like to wear my compression Capri's from Old Navy with my nike running skirt or booty wrap...as far as bra...I have some great danskin sports bras that I like and don't set me back too much money. Great post...please take a moment if you can and visit my new running blog all about my journey with cancer to becoming a runner...blessings