Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

I am taking this weekend to relax and collect myself before I start getting too into my workouts and too buff  (enter sarcasm). I really am relaxing all weekend. I start my 6 pack dream to reality mission on Monday. I will get my body fat tested (by the pinch test method, mainly for fun). I will be eating better. But come on, it's me. I know I will continue baking and cooking great dinners. I will not banish myself from eat something I want. It's all in portion control. Instead of eating 10 cookies, I should only eat 1. I will fix my dinners on smaller plates and cut out drinking juice and stick mainly to water (and the occasional beer).

This is the calm before the storm of workouts. I will have Fridays and Sundays off of working out. Here's what I anticipate my weeks to look like:

Monday: Stair climber, ab mat work, leg weights, 60 min. ripped class
Tuesday: 6 mile run (running kicks my abs ass)
Wednesday: stairs, ab mat work, 60 min. spin
Thursday: 6 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 3 mile run, at home ab mat work
Sunday: rest

What's your workout routine? What is your goal (ie: 5k training, marathon training, sculpted arms, etc)?


  1. looks like you have a solid plan. My plan is to be wayy more healthy. I was training for my first 10K but then sprained my ankle, and it really threw me off. I don't blame my missed workouts on that, but i am scared to reinjure. My 10K is April 28th.. and i'm still only running just over 4.5 miles!

    1. Personally, I think you'll be fine if you raise your mileage by 1 mile each week. Take it easy and have fun with it. Your first time should be about finishing and not the time. You'll do great!

    2. yeah! My only goal is to run the whole way. I don't care how long it takes me. Thanks for replying. (: