Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What happens a runner forgets to do laundry

This is what happens when a runner forgets to do laundry...

I had to wear shorts when it was so cold here (40 something). I froze my entire run!  But it felt nice to be out of pants. Can't wait for spring (my favorite time of year!)

It was a pretty great run though. The wind giving me my fashionable fly aways, a little misty & my legs soaking up uv rays that may be peeking through the clouds. I even beat my previous time!

The only not so great thing that happened on this weekends run:

I chaffed. I've run in the jacket a few times before (it was a Christmas present from my mom). I felt a little sting while I ran, but didn't thing anything of it. When I took it off (to change into a breastfeeding bra), I noticed blood on my jacket. It's healing and we'll see what happens this coming weekend.

Any chaffing going on with you? Beating any times lately?

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