Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snack prep

We go food shopping every 2 weeks (we stop off to get minor things throughout the week). When the food comes home, I start getting everything ready. 

I hard boiled some eggs (great for post workout protein; especially a great snack when I'm in a hurry). I cut up some cheese (I don't eat that much cheese, but Lars loves it), 2 cucumbers, an apple (this slices for Lars too) and grapes. If I have everything prepped and ready to eat, I'm more likely to grab that vs chips. My weakness is chocolate chips, though. 

I also love cookies, but I hate buying them at the store. I love knowing what's in my food, so I make it myself!

I usually make a double batch of cookies, and bake only 12 at a time (one cookie sheet worth). I freeze the rest of the dough. It's kind of like buying cookie dough, but it's home made. 

All of this makes me feel so organized!

Do you prep your dinners or snacks? How do you keep organized & eating "healthy"?

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