Sunday, January 17, 2016

A head wind run

The hubby had 4 days off this weekend! That meant: we got to go to the snow & I got to run the other 3 days!!

Those 3 days were so tough to get out and run. I wanted to stay at home, where it was warm (it was cold, cloudy & ugly outside) & cuddle with my 3 guys. But, I made myself get out there and run. The faster I ran, the sooner I got home...more motivation. These days were my fasts runs this year (that's good for me). 

Because it was gross outside, it seemed like every time I went up a hill, there was a huge head wind. This made for a tough run (bigger workout). It was great! I haven't mushed myself like that in a while.

What's your running weather like where you live?

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