Monday, January 4, 2016

My home gym & routine

Here's a little look into my at home (garage) gym. I often do the stair(s) in my garage. I do them normal, side ways, and backwards. These different ways all work different muscles. I really need a lot of work in my upper leg/butt area...badly!

One of my favorite leg workouts is the fire hydrant. You get on all fours and hike up your legs, like you're peeing on a fire hydrant (I didn't name  it).

I also do backward leg lifts (not sure the right name for it). Again, you're on all fours and lift your leg behind you, straight up (with a bent leg).

Santa brought me a great gift...a new weight bench! I'm getting so much use out of it already! I do my ab workout on it and it really pushes me. It's because I need to balance on it (and try not to fall off). It's a great way to push myself a little harder (which I'm already needing). I feel like my normal routine isn't doing what I need it to do, so I need to do it another way or add more weight. 

Are you an at home workouter or an at he gym? I use to be only at the gym person, but kids have changed me (of course).

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