Monday, December 3, 2012

The Long Run that kept me Hungry

After work, on Thursday night, I headed out (to the gym) to run 7 miles (my long run for the week), on the treadmill. I knew not to use the one I broke the night before (it's still there). I settled ion one that was on the far right side, away from everyone. Soon, they were all filled and I got a lot of strange looks, as I normally do when I run for more than 45 minutes on the treadmill. See, my gym doesn't have many people training for running races here. They seem to be here for their own fitness goals, but I rarely ever see anyone running for more than 45 minutes.

The first handful of miles just flew by. I couldn't believe it. before I knew it, I was on mile 5. Only 2 more miles to go. Mile 6 came. Mile 6.25 came and stayed for a while (it seemed). It took forever to run the last mile. It felt like that mile took longer than the other 6 I had already ran. My legs were tired, my brain was tired and my body was tired. I just wanted to finish. So, the only other way to finish faster, was to run faster. That's what I did. For the last 3/4 mile, I ran at 7.5 (I usually run at 6-6.2). It did seem to take longer, but I know I finished faster than I would have running slower (I'm a smart person doing math here).

For the next day or so, my stomach gave me problems, as it normally does when I run further than 6 miles. I guess it really hates being jostled for so long. I've tried out different food methods and this is just how my stomach is. I've learned to deal with that. One thing I real hate about training, I'm always hungry. When I think I've had enough food, I'm just hungry in a few hours. No matter what I eat (peanut butter, or pasta, or veggies and fruit, yogurt, chicken, or anything else...I've tested that too). it's just a running thing. 

Do you get any GI issues while running? Who ran CIM this past weekend?

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