Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Yet

This is the best my feet have ever looked during half marathon training (don't zoom in, trust me)

They're not prefect, but they do look good, from a distance. I'm not pushing myself as hard as I did in 2011. But, I am pushing myself. After every workout, I'm dead. I always make sure that I've left everything at the gym. 

On Monday, I ran my speedy (for me) 5k (32:53) and then headed over to the last ripped class of the year (don't worry, I'll continue January 7th). It was really difficult, but so much fun. The room was packed and the lady next to me would run right, when we were suppose to go left (and always ran into me). I think she apologized ~50 times (not exaggerating) for running into me that night. It was getting really old, though. I'm not perfect when it comes to my ripped class (I have no coordination), but I've never ran into anyone (especially 50 times in one class). 

Well, I have my long run tonight, then I don't have another one planned until Jan 3rd. So, this is my last long run of the year. Since I'm off of work all next week (I have 11 days a row), I'll be doing some shorter runs around my house, to get more familiar with the new(ish) neighborhood), and some other, at home workouts to keep i shape while I eat a million cookies and other sweets. 

If you paint your toes, what color are they now? Do you have any coordination? When is your last long run of the year scheduled? What are you training for?

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