Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spinalicious Night

Last night was full of all kinds of sprints. It all started with a warm up mile and lead to 3 miles of sprints and then a cool down mile, on the treadmill. I was feeling pretty awesome. Some of you may ask if I broke the treadmill again. The answer is no.

Then, I headed over to the spin room and was greeted with a smile by one of my favorite instructors. His "to do" board indicated that we were really only doing a lot of heavy sprints for the entire hour long class. I walked in the class with a huge (but sweaty) smile and I walked out the same way (I did walk out with a lot more sweat, though):

We still haven't had the funds to get our heater fixed (actually we just need a brand new one), so we're using space heaters. they really do help. When we feel like the heaters aren't doing anything we walk outside and see how cold it really is out there. I think Mickey likes the heaters, too.

I'm excited that we get our fireplaces cleaned out next week and we can have really heat!I just hope we have enough firewood. 

How cold is it where you live? Since I live in Cali, it doesn't get as cold as most places. It was 34 yesterday (at night and 50 something during the day). 

Do you prefer sprints or intervals? I'm more of a sprints kind of girl!

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  1. I live in Oregon so it's 41 degrees here during the day today and much cooler tonight...definitely time for a fire! I love intervals personally...sprinting is not kind on me!