Monday, December 17, 2012

Ginger Bread & a Chilly 5k

This weekend, I had my friend over to build ginger bread houses. This is the first time that either of us had ever made these. since both of us hate ginger bread, we made these out of graham crackers. This is the site where I found the cutting templates and recipe for the royal icing. I was nervous about making the royal icing because it only called for 2 egg whites (only liquid), I was thinking it wasn't going to be enough. But it was! I had lots left over, too!

Here's my candy spread: I had xmas wreaths, red hots, pb pieces, mini m&ms, red & green jelly beans and so much more!


Here's the beginning of my houses. My friend houses kept falling over, so she said that they went through an earthquake.

Here are our houses (mine & her rubbish).

After we finished, we got ready to go for our 5k. We usually go about 6:30 am, but we're changing it to 10am. It's just too dang cold. I hate being cold. We ran about 3. It was about 50 degrees, slightly foggy and just starting to sprinkle. It was the most perfect running weather. We loved every minute. 

This time, I decided to push my friend more than I have before. I wanted her to pr this time. This time, she préd by 3 minutes! I'm so proud of her!

Here we are after our 5k, very proud of our houses. Jason loved them too!

Do you build houses? Ginger bread or graham crackers? What is a holiday flavor you hate? I hate pumpkin and ginger bread. 

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