Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hunting for the Perfect Tree

Over the weekend, Jason & I went on a hunt. A hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. We went to a few places to find the perfect tree. The first place we went to because I had entered a raffle for a free tree. 90 people entered, but only 2 showed (you had to be present to win). We lost, but this place was the most fun. 

They had a petting zoo:

The third and final place was nothing special. Here is Charlie Brown's tree:

We found the perfect one and got it loaded up and ready to go home with us.

There was a big storm coming, so we managed to get home before it came. While it stormed outside, I decorated inside (in another post).

Did anyone run CIM this year? If you did, you know what storm I'm talking about. 


  1. Can't wait to see your perfect tree all lit up and decorated! :) This year was my husband's and I's turn to pick out the perfect Christmas tree for my parent's house! haha, we got it home and decorated and realized that it's a super fat but very pretty tree! :)

  2. We have still to get our tree, im thinking mid december,
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