Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Had a great workout this morning. I did my sprints for 3 1/2 miles and weights for my arms, legs and finally, a core workout. It felt really good. But, I was in a little of a hurry, trying to make it home before Jason left (early) for work. I made it! I like to see him in the mornings, for some reason, it just makes my day. Enough mushy stuff...

As I am typing this, I am drinking my new smoothie (which I have every workout morning now). In this is chocolate protein powder, peaches, frozen banana, juice and greek yogurt. I made a bunch and am splitting it up throughout my 4 days. It tastes pretty good and it helps keep me full through the day. I'm not starving any more and am back to my "happy" wight!

Last night, we ran some errands and it was so hot outside. Here's what I look like on an everyday basis. Sometimes I wear my hair down, but now when it's 97 out.

I'm looking for some more smoothie ideas. What's your favorite mixture?


  1. Frozen banana and blueberries, spinach, choc soy milk and amazing grass.

  2. i do vanilla p powder, strawberries,banana and spinich alot.splash of milk or greek yogurt depending on whats on hand

  3. love a good green monster...spinach, frozen grapes, soy milk, flax seed, and mint (when i have it)...maybe a banana if i'm really hungry