Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spagetti arms

Well, today is the first time in a few weeks that I've woken up at 6 to get my workout in for 3 consecutive days. 

Arms were in the schedule for today. Because I haven't worked them out in so long (2 weeks), they are like very cooked spaghetti! It feels good, but hurts. They will kill when Shane wakes up and I have to pick him up. Someone else woke up early & he kept me company while I worked out. I love having company. It takes away from the pain and makes the time go by that much faster!

I didn't do a video today. I feel like my arm routine is strong and I'm motivated to get ripped arms for summer!

As I'm typing this and playing with Lars and his tiny toys, my arms are quivering. It's going to be difficult to pick up a 15.3 lbs (& 27" long...we just went to the Drs) little boy. 

Do you prefer to workout with company or solo?

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