Monday, April 25, 2016

Finally...leg day!!

I had a little company during the last half of my workout. Lars makes the time go by fast!

I was finally able to get my butt in gear to get up early enough to workout before the boys (at least Shane) woke up. It felt great to get a great leg sweat going! Oh how I've missed my heart beating like that (from something other than running).

I haven't been running very much for two reasons: (1) my neck had been hurting so bad, it hurt to hold my head up. (2) as soon as my neck healed, my knee started hurting. I know it started hurting because I've been too lazy to workout my legs. I learned a long time ago, that I must workout my legs in order not to be put on the injured list. The legs feel great this morning!

Here's what happens when you try to do a good, happy and energetic jump for your blog, but keep missing the right count. Oh well, OK try, I guess.

Are you injured? If so, what's hurt? If not, have you ever been & how long ago?

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