Monday, April 11, 2016

Perfect running view!

Since everyone is healthy in the house, I was finally able to get out of the house (sans kids) and pound some pavement! It just rained a few hours before, so everything was so fresh, green and happy. Can you spot the mallard in the picture?

It was a very slow run (3 weeks off of San kids running will do that to you), but it was the greatest, sweatiest workout I've had in a while. I was craving it!

This morning, this was my workout setup. My iPad had a HIIT video that I really liked. It involved pilates and made me sweat = a very happy Shelly!!

One of the reasons I liked the video is because it had a countdown clock in the corner. So, when the instructor wasn't counting down, you can always see how long you have left. I love knowing that. I'm going to try a new ab video tomorrow 😁

Do you like seeing the countdown?

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