Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are Longer Runs Actually Shorter?

Instead of spin class, I ditched it for an outside run. I've been running 5k's lately and I really felt like I really need to run longer. I need more sweat and hard work. My body wanted all that salty sweat in my eyes. I needed to push myself harder than I have in a while. This was my longest run in a very long time (remember that I'm not in hard core training right now). 

It was such a great run, I loved every minute!! I felt like I earned every drop of sweat. The thing is that the 6 miles went by in a flash. Whenever I run my 5k, after work, it seems to take forever! I loved that the 6 miles went by so fast. I think the longer a person runs, the shorter it actually is. Don't you just love my red face that comes along with my hard work, and very salty sweat?

When I got home, I relaxed. And, when I say relaxed, I mean playing with the kittens (they're actually 2 years old, but I still call them kittens). Recently, I brought home a huge tube from work (it's about 5 feet tall) and they love playing with their play mice inside. So cute!

Do you think the longer you run, the less time it feels you were out?

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  1. Sometimes it did...sometimes, not so much...I haven't been able to run much in 15 weeks since I am recovering from an injury but I did run the other day for the first time and it felt Glorious! I love to's where I find my strong