Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sweat IS sexy!

Sweat is sexy, and I was damn sexy this morning! First run in about a week because a sickness took over my family. 

I got in a mini 2 mile run before the boys got up. It felt great running in the (semi) cool air and watching people drive to work. My lungs got a real workout this morning! 

I had been pretty weak this week. The sickness I had was that I couldn't eat without a huge pain! I forced myself the way some and tried to keep water in my body (to help with breastfeeding). I lost 4 pounds in 2 days (not the way I like/or even wanted). I prefer the healthy way: eating (mostly) right and working out. I've gained a pound back. My stomach has shrunk, so I can't eat too much at once.

After breakfast (and the boys were awake), I got in my second workout. A little ab floor time. Much needed ab time, and I loved it. The boys allowed me 4 sets!! Until the trash guy came, then it was all over. I'm totally excited for how much time I got this morning! Now we are just waiting for some friends to come over.

Do you workout when you're sick?

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